weakness of the ontological argument

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Examine the weaknesses of the ontological argument 

Gaunilo critisesd Anselms first form (on behalf of the fool) and applies reduction ad absurdum to explain how Anselms argument is flawed, and the absudities that result if the argument is accepted. He applied Anselms logic to his analogy of the pefect island and defined it as 'that than which nothing greater can be concieved'. In order for this 'perfect island' to be superior to all other islands, it must exist in our minds aswell as in reality. Therefore the 'perfect island' must also exist in reality. However we cannot bring something into existence by simply defining it as a superlative. If the argument is not absurd then one can prove that anything exists.

Although Aquinas belived in the  existence of God, he was against Anselms A prioi argument. Aquinas argued that Anselms definition is not enough to prove the existence of God, Gods existence in reality needs to be A posteriori in order for one the claim his existence. Aquinas demonstrated Gods existence A posteriori, in his five ways. Aquinas also critises Anselm definition of God as 'the greatest conceivable being', and questins wherether everyone would accept it. Although we can gain some understanding and awarness pf God, he will always remain unkowable to the finite human mind.

Kant put forward major critisisms for the…


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