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Ontological Argument summary

Key Concepts:

Attempts to prove the existence of God by reason alone
Is a priori ­ an argument that does not rely on the evidence of the senses, but on logical argument
Produces a conclusion which claims to be selfevidently true or logically necessary
Is deductive in…

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`Existence is not a predicate', adds Descartes holds that just as we We can only reason to God from
no more information about cannot conceive of a triangle without the effects of God's action in the
something, there are no necessary it having three angles; just as we world, so…

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Dawkins Plantinga Plantinga
He describes it as `infantile' Argument based on modal logic Plantinga rejects this idea, God
Dawkins says that the fact the He claims there are many possible could exist without God's existence
`grand conclusion' that God exists worlds, God is a being of maximal being logically necessary…


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