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Key Facts

Teleological theory which is moral truth which can based on nature and purpose

Depending on whether an action is right or wrong depends on the outcome

No moral absolute rules are used

The circumstances as well as the results are dependent on the action   

Moral consequences may not be good for each situation because each case is unique 

Jeremy Bentham

Is a consequentialist who believes that the consequences are important of an action

"Greatest good for the greatest number"

Universal ethical hedonism where if the action creates more pleasure then it is right

All citizens are equal and have an equal right to happiness

Act Utilitarianism is based on action which is quantitative and good/ bad actions can be worked out accoriding to predicted results

Hedonic Calculus- is a system to calculate the morality or righteousness of an action based on the intensity of happiness/ pleasure it gives

Some actions are not sensible although they give us


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