Understanding management, leadership and decision making

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  • Set objectives
  • Analyse data or information
  • Lead staff
  • Make decisions
  • Review decisions
  • Review decisions and outcomes to consider the need for adjustment

Managers vs Leaders

  • Managers direct vs leaders help
  • Managers are risk averse- avoid them vs leaders look for opportunities and will break conventions to take advantage of a percieved opportunity
  • Management skills can be seen as a subset of leadership skills
  • Leaders have visions vs managers implement a leader's vision

Leadership styles:

  • Autocratic/authoritarian- tells other people what they want. Tells them what to do. A dictator. Not interested in listening. Have a view and opinion on what should happen and try to enforce that. Some- persuasive (tell and sell), some- this is the only way (tell). Have all the power and control.
  • Laissez-faire- ‘leave alone’. Trusts their employees to know how to do the job and be motivated, don’t need to be managed.
  • Democratic- opposite of autocratic. Allows the majority view to decide what will happen- a vote. Ask for opinions. About having a cohesive group. Sometimes seen as weak as they’re not opinionated.
  • Maternal- motherly. Interested in emotions/feelings. Nurturing. Take an interest in people as people. How they feel, support them. 
  • Paternal- fatherly. Observes, consult/listen, makes a decision on the best interest of the workers.
  • Consultative- between autocratic and democratic. Listens and asks for opinions and ideas, but


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