Types of Pastoral/ Pastoral Theory

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Pastoral: Traditional and Modern Pastoral Theory: Anti Pastoral:

Different Types of Pastoral:

Pastoral as an 'retreat and return' - usually the difference between the country and the city is within the setting of the novel, a journey between the both can provide some enlightenment and a chance for one to get in tune with their environment. 'The Golden Age in the country provides a medium for a critique of the present in the court'. The countryside is usually glorified and idealic and the reader recognises arcadia in pastoral text as the 'language is idealised'.

Pastoral as an 'escapist' and therefore portraying its context - People usually escape to the countryside to escape their problems in the city, 'thus the pastoral construct always reveals the preoccupations and tensions of its time'

Pastoral is used to portray 'an awe in the natural world' and


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