Types of industry and employment structure

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There are four different types of industry. The four types are primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. The employment structure of a country describes what proportion of its workforce is employed in each type of industry.

1) Primary industry involves collecting raw materials, e.g. farming, fishing, mining and forestry,

2) Secondary industry involves turning a product into another product ( manufacturing), e.g. making textiles, furniture, chemicals, steel and cars.

3) Tertiary industry involves providing a service- anything from financial services, nursing and retail to the police force and transport.

4) Quaternary industry is high technology- where scientists and researchers investigate and develop new products, e.g electronics and IT industry.

A country's employment structure changes as it develops.

Less developped countries

1) Most of the workfoce is employed in the primary industry.

2) Few people work in secondary industry because there's not enough money to invest in the technology needed for this type of…


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