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Aspects of tragedy:

  • Hamartia = fatal flaw leading to the downfall of the trafic hero.
  • Hubris = pride.
  • Fate = development of events outside a person's control (supernatural power).
  • Catharsis = purge of repressed emotions.
  • Pathos = emotions evoked eg: pity, sympathy and fear.
  • Megalophyschia = greatness of soul.
  • Anagnorisis = when a character recognizes another character's true identity.
  • Peripetia = sudden reversal of fortune.

Greek tragedy + Othello

  • Othello = high ranking general who has a megalophyschia but suffers from hubris.
  • Othello's fate = inevitable from when he arrives in Cyprus, saying he feels 'too much joy'.
  • Act 5 = tragic actions take place, evoking pathos.
  • Here Emilia performs some functions of a Greek Chorus when commenting on Othello's foolishness.

Conflict + suffering in tragedy

  • In othello Shakespeare presents a different type of conflict - the focus is narrower.
  • The conflict we witness is in Othello's mind.
  • Othello = divided against himself and very conflicted towards his feelings…


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