Hamlet Literary Context

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  • Literary context
    • Tragedy
      • Revenge
        • Popular in the renaissance era
        • Hamlet is similar to the 'Spanish tragedy'
          • Performed 10 years earlier
          • also had a ghost asking his son to avenge his death
        • Opens up a second revenge tragedy with Laertes and Polonius
      • Features
        • Hamartia that causes the tragic death of the hero
        • Takes place over five acts
      • Shakespeare's tragedies
        • His first tragedies often were violent, E.g 'titulus andronicus'
        • then moved to pity tragedies e.g Romeo and Juliet
        • Final tragedies like Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello explored madness of an individual
    • Machiavellian
      • Characters who act in a  'Machiavellian' way act unlike a noble
      • Based on the works of Machiavelli


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