Topic 6- Revelation E

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Revelation E

Carolina Franks Davis: many experiences can be counted as revalationary experiences. She includes sudden convictions, inspiration, enlightment, flashes of insight and 'mystical vision'.  

Each of these are, in themselves, 'revelation experiences; so can be placed in the same categ. Frank Davis also commented on the fact that the 'context' of revelation experiences can vary. Re seem to descend upon people suddenly, unaccompanied by any other features which would make religious experience religious// can form element of more complex RE,- i.e., during a mystical E person is given a new teaching. 

5 distinctive features of revelation experiences according to Frank Davis:

  • sudden and short- however, the after effects of the experience may last a lifetime.
  • knowledge is aqcuired immediatly rather than through reasoning/perception.
  • The third feature is that new knowledge is poured upon the person by an external agency.
  • revelations carry themselves with utter conviction.
  • knowledge gained/degree of ineffability, cannot be…


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