Physics Unit 1

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  • P1-Topic 1
    • Every object contains and emits infared radiation, the redder an object appears, the more infared(heat) it is giving off.
    • (Picture of electromagnetic spectrum here)
    • The sun emits all types of radiation. However, the earth blocks all the radiation that could harm us.
      • However it does not block infared radiation which consequently is causing temperatures to rise.
    • The greenhouse effect
      • gases such as water vapour and methane are released into the atmosphere and trap the radiation coming from the sun in the earth.
      • This is causing global warming and causing polar ice caps to melt and causing severe damaging to environments
    • Dark, matt surfaces are the best absorbers and emitters of radiation.
    • Light, shiny surfaces are the best reflectors of radiation.
    • Practical: You can test for the best abosrbers/emitters/ insulators by testing and comparing different materials and measuring their start and end temperatures.


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