Topic 5: Crises of the Cold War and Detente

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1960: U2 crises

  • Paris Summit - no test treaty ban signed
  • End of peaceful co-existance
  • Eisenhower was blamed, Nixon lost election to Kennedy
  • America expected USSR to retaliate - forces were alerted
  • Creates mistrust between USA and USSR
  • Kruschchev won propaganda victory
  • Eisenhower promised to end spying missions nevertheless new methods were used
  • China never trusted USA - they were proved right - went more against peaceful co-existance than ever

1961: Berlin Wall

  • Families and communities split
  • USA disagreed - denied people of their freedom
  • USA used wall as propaganda to show how cruel the USSR was - victory for USA
  • Reduced defections from East to West (3 million before, 5,000 after wall was built)
  • One currency in East Germany - economy became more stable
  • Kennedy stood up to USSR
  • Checkpoint Charlie - tank standoff - proved neither side wanted a war


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