To what extent has the Conservative party abandoned its Thatcherite tradition

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It accepts that a degreee of state intervention to create social justice can be justified. This may involve welfare, education and funding of social services

We are responsible for the welfare of those less fortunate then ourselves. However we should not openlly rely on others unnecessarily. In other words we have mutual responsibilities. 

Thatcherism saw crime and order as a matter of personal responsibility. Though the modern party do also accept that some crime has social causes it believes its best to respond by state and voluntary organisations. 

Environmental problems was not necessarily priortised in Thatchers reign, Cameron believes in a much more combatting approach in regards to the environment.

Thatcherites were extremely traditional in their views of the constitution and political system however MCs accept that constitutional reform is essential and that the political system needs a good deal of democratic renewal. 

Although tax cuts are a part of Camerons agenda the…


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