Timbers, Papers and Boards - DT - OCR - GCSE

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  • Softwoods  - shorter growing time from coniferous forests 

    • Cedar - Chemical makes it resistant to weather. For outdoor furniture

    • Scots Pine - easy to work with, lots of knots. For furniture, construction

    • Larch - tough, strong, easy to work with. Prone to split. For decking, cladding

    • Spruce - good strength to weight ratio, small knots. For construction

  • Hardwoods  - longer time to grow from deciduous forests

    • Beech - hard tough,warps easily, straight grain. For floors, furniture

    • Oak - durable and hard, generally open grain. For floors barrels

    • Mahogany - strong, resistant to ro, fine grain. For fine furniture, instruments

    • Balsa - good strength to weight ratio. For surfboards, aircraft models

  • Manufactured board - made from cuts of wood to get specialised properties/ price

    •  MDF - Denser, hazardous dust, smooth surface. For flat packed furniture

    • Plywood - Strong in all directions, slightly flexible. For skateboards

    • Chipboard - rough surface so veneers used. For low cost projects

  • Finishes

    • Painting - sanded first, long time to drive. Added protection

    • Varnishing - instead of covering attractive grain

    • Tanalising - preservative added to outside of the wood. Prevents decay

Papers and boards 

  • Paper is classified based on their weight in grams per square meter. Anything under 200gsm is considered paper and anything above is considered a board




Bleed-proof paper

Smooth and thick prevents ink from seeping

Quality presentational drawings


Creamy white paper, with lightly texture surface

Drawings and paintings 

Grid paper

White paper with isometric lines or squares

Scale drawings, quick sketches

Layout paper

Thin, slightly transparent with smooth surface

General design work and tracing 

Tracing paper

Thin transparent paper 

Copying and tracing.




Corrugated card

2+ layers of card with fluted layer to add strength



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