Threat from the right, occupation of Ruhr and hyperinflation

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  • Many politicans from the right wing admired the Kaiser and what he stood for. They wanted Germany to be powerful and have an empire.
  • In March 1920, Dr Wolfgang Kapp led 5,000 Freikorps into Berlin in a rebellion known as the Kapp Putsch. It looked as if Germany's government were doomed. However, it was infact the German civillians who went on strike and cuased uproar all over, putting a halt to transport, food and other things.
  • After a few days Kapp knew he would not succeed and left. He was hunted down and killed. It seemed like the Weimar had support from the German's after all.
  • However, Ebert struggled with the constant revolts. In November 1923 Hitler led a rebellion in Munich and he received a short prison sentence. He got off lightly at trail and it seemed that…


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