Thomas More



He has been described as one of the most fascinating characters of the early C16 and many historians have been perplexed by his legacy. Over the centuries there have been almost as many documents published about him as those assessing Henry VIII, and the variety of judgements almost as large. He has been presented as a flawless saint, having been canonised by the Catholic Church along with Fisher in 1935, and as a confused genius. He was born in 1478 in London, following his fathers footsteps into the law but interested in all branches of learning. By the age of 30 he had the reputation as one of Europe’s leading scholars. Not satisfied with an outstanding legal and academic career, he was drawn into the political court circle, acting as the Kings representative in a variety if diplomatic situations, becoming a very able and reliable royal servant and being chosen to succeed Wolsey as Lord Chancellor in 1529; a surprise as he


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