Theory of Plate Tectonics - Alfred Wegener

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Plate tectonics theory grew out from the theory of continental drift.
In 1912 Alfred Wegener developed the theory after it had been noticed that South America fitted like a jigsaw into the West of Africa.
Continental drift is the idea that all continents are moving but once formed a super continent called Pangaea before they all moved apart.

Alfred Wegener had evidence for the theory with geology and fossil records but scientists in the 1950's and 60's provided new evidence with palaeomagnetism and sea floor spreading.

Geology: Mountain ranges in the North of Europe are similar to those on the east coast of North America. Not only are the mountain ranges similar in apperance the age and rock type match up. This supports the view that the mountains formed under the same conditions and in the same place, only possible if the continents were once joined.

Fossil Records: By fitting…


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