Theme 1

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Pressure Group- People who take action to try to influence the government could be local or national about a specific issue. People join because there intrest in something is strong or they feel something needs to change within their community. Types of pressure groups; Promotional/Casual- They want to chnage a public opinion, Open to everyone who believes in it, They want to gain support and strength. The majority campaign for environmental or welfare issures such as; Greenpeace, Shelter, Fair trade, NSPCC and Oxfam

Sectional/Inerest- Represent a particular section of society; eg- teachers. They usually stand to benefit for a result as their campaign. Many of these group are trade unions- To be in a part of these you need to work in a particular trad, For example; British medical association, Royal british legion. 

Insider Pressure- A pressure group the government recognises and consults when forming policies…


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