Thematic Duchess of Malfi Quotes


Duchess Of Malfi married below her rank with Antonio, who is an Intellect and servant but not an Aristocratic. A04- Jacobean England was ruled by your position in society and people married within their own rank.

Conceit/Metaphor A01 Terminology : "A princes court  Is like a common fountain, whence should flow Pure silver drops in general; but if't chance Some cursed example poison 't near the head, Death, and diseased through the whole land spread" Antonio, Act 1 Scene 1

Simile A01Terminology: "places in the court are but like beds in a hospital, where this man's head lies at that man's foot, and so lower, and lower" Bosola Act 1 Scene 1

To the Duke Ferdinand, about fighting his own battle: "It is fitting a soldier arise to be a prince, but not necessary a prince descend to be a captain" Castruccio Act 1 Scene 1 underpins how the wrongdoing against society is in the hands of The Duchess, rather than Antonio

Simile/Conceit A01 Terminology about Ferdinand's curving of the law: "Then the law to him is like a foul black cobweb to a spider: he makes it his dwelling, and a prison to entangle those shall feed him" Delio Act 1 Scene 1 

"She's a young widow, I would not have her marry again" Ferdinand Act 1 Scene 1

"Place and riches are oft bribes of shame" Bosola Act 1 Scene 1

"Some weddings may more properly be said to be executed, than celebrated" Ferdinand Act 1 Scene 1

"My father's poniard... I'd be loth to see it look rusty 'cause twas his"




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