The Duchess of Malfi, character quotes

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  • Duchess of Malfi Character Quotes
    • Cariola
      • I have not been at confession
      • I will die for her
      • I will not die
      • I am with child
      • I am with child
    • Julia
      • I'll go home to my husband
      • I betrayed your council
    • Bosola
      • Return fair soul from darkness
      • I have brought apricots
      • You are a villan - Ferdinand
      • Weakest arm is strong enough that strikes with the sword of justice
      • Him and his brother are like plum trees that grow crooked over standing pools
      • I am angry at myself now that I wake
      • Whose throat must I cut?
    • Duchess
      • Our value can never truly be known
      • And on a sudden, all the diamonds changed to pearls
      • Lusty widow
      • I winked and chose a husband
      • We are forced to woo because none dare woo us
      • Better to welcome the end of misery than to shun it
      • [She kisses him]
      • Come violent death
      • I will marry for your honour
      • She throws upon a man so sweet a look
      • I am Duchess of Malfi still
      • A scandalous report is spread touching mine honour
    • Ferdinand
      • I am grown mad with't
      • I'll throttle it
      • Deformed beastly
      • Mine? Was I her judge?
      • What cannot a neat knave with a smooth tale make a woman believe
      • A most perverse - Antonio
    • Antonio
      • My rule is only at night
      • Ambition madam, is a great man's madness
      • The devil speaks in them (about the Cardinals words)
    • Cardinal
      • I pray thee kiss me
      • Come I'll love you wisely


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