the treaty of versailles

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signed on the 28th june 1919

Wilson, clemencau, george- big three in january 1919

industries damaged

many men died and families effected

some land had been destroyed throuugh fighting 

bitterness and hatred towards the germans from many people 

aims of the peace conference-

1- punish germany 

2- cripple the so another war would not happen

3- reward the winning countries 

4-establish a lasting peace

FRANCE- most damage to land and industry 

france always saw germany as a threatening neighbour 

wanted to cripple germany so it could not attack it again, weaken it as much as possible 

USA- wanted to make a lasting peace, he knew that if they were crippled another war would start 

he wanted to strenghen democracy 

countries should cooperate to achieve world peace

wanted to base everything on his 14 points 

self determination 

free trade 

freedom of seas

league of nations 

colonies to rule themselves 


however briatin + france disagreed with these 14 points as-

they had lots of colonies

britain were proud of navy

BRITAIN- middle ground between the other two 

he wanted germany


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