The Tet Offensive and its Consequences

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Situation in 1968

USA optimistic

  • felt they were winnning the ar
  • over 500,000 US troops in Vietnam
  • South Vietnamese Army control in cities
  • 100,000+ Vietcong killed in  1967
  • countryside relatively quiet
  • North Vietnamese constantly bombed by US air force


  • 27th - 3rd Feb, Vietnamese New Year called Tet Holliday
  • North Vietname offered truce for holiday
  • US military notice Vietcong buildup
    • moved 15 battalions to Saigon from countryside
  • in light of truce, half of the South Vietnamese army were allowed to go on leave

31st January 1968

  • Approx. 85,000 Vietcong and NVA soldiers attackes 100 towns and cities
  • Very well


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