Fighting the War in Vietnam

Past Questions and Answers that tell the story of the Vietnam War

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Fighting the War in Vietnam
Questions and Answers…read more

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What tactics did the Vietcong and
North Vietnamese employ?
They conducted a guerrilla war
i.e. using:
Hit and run tactics against US/
S. Vietnamese bases and
Occasional bring larger
forces together to conduct a
major offensive e.g. Tet in
Supply forces in the south,
from the north via the Ho Chi
Minh Trail, through Laos and
Cambodia…read more

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What tactics did the Americans and the
S. Vietnamese employ?
Establish bases throughout the country
Conduct search and destroy missions against the
Bomb targets in N. Vietnam
Extend the bombing (1968 ») to Laos and
Cambodia, and send ground troops into
Cambodia (1970») in order to destroy the Ho Chi
Minh trail.
Spray forests with defoliant (Agent Orange) to
reduce cover…read more

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What were the basic problems facing troops
fighting the Vietcong?
They could not easily find or
identify the enemy. Vietcong
dressed as peasants and
there was dense jungle.
Therefore they...
Treat all civilians as Vietcong
Count any dead Vietnamese
as Vietcong
Use the `body count' and `kill
ratio' as measures of success
or failure.…read more

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What were the consequences?
Many civilians were killed
Houses and property(sometimes entire villages)
were destroyed.
The Americans soon lost Any support from the
Vietnamese population that they had ever had.…read more

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Consequences continued...
The war was a `TV war' seen by millions around the world
and in America, the sight of GI's burning villages, of dead
civilians, a Vietcong captive being shot dead at point
blank range helped.
Along with the steady flow of GI's being brought home in
body bags,
Tarnished America's image over seas.
Turned public opinion at home against the war and help
bring it to an end…read more

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