The Second Coming

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The Second Coming

·         Mythology

o   Vast image out of spiritus mundi troubles my sight- some spirit of the world, if it troubles it indicates that it is bad

o   Lion body- ferocious/powerful

o   Head of a man- clearly a mythical creature

o   Some revelation is at hand; surely the second coming is at hand/Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world – apocalyptic

o   Shadows- dark/evil connotations, sin

o   Stony sleep- intertextuality, Blake’s poetry. Urizen falls from heaven and frames a rocky womb around himself to ward off his vengeful brother. He is reborn as a fallen man- like the incarnation of Jesus. A second coming

·         Life and death

o   Ceremony of innocence is drowned – baptism inverted. Death of innocence, contrasts with the symbol of baptism generally for new life. se

o   Drowned/blood-dimmed/desert birds- images of death, impending horror and death.


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