The Rover Quotes

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‘I love mischief strangely’.

‘I hate Vincentio’.

‘exposing her to a worse confinement than a religious life?’.

‘lock her up all this Carnival’.

‘be as mad as the rest, and take all innocent freedoms’.

‘let’s ramble’.

‘I’ll hide these jewels in yonder jessamine’.

‘Masquerading! a lewd custom to debauch our youth’.

‘Lead on, no other dangers can they dread,.

Who venture in the storms o’th’ marriage bed’.


‘licensed lust’.


‘I have recourse only to letters, and distant looks from her window’.

‘Love and mirth are my business in Naples’.

‘thou dost deal with the devil’.

‘there’s no sinner like a young saint’.

‘whatever extravagances we commit in these faces, out own may not be obliged to answer ’em’.

‘what care I for names?’.

‘A plague of this poverty, of which I ne’er complain but when it hinders my approach to beauty’.

‘their wonder feeds my vanity’.


‘inconstancy’s the sin of all mankind’.

‘nothing but gold shall charm my heart’.

‘I would not sell myself’.

‘For had it been the purer flame of love, / I would have pined and languished at your feet’.

‘Shall my first vows be slighted?’.

‘wandering inconstant’.

‘All the honey of matrimony, but none of the sting’.

‘marry thee indeed, which I’m sure would be revenge sufficient’.

‘I’ll hide these jewels in yonder jessamine’.

‘I’ll not boast who ‘twas obliged me, not I: for hang me if I knew thy name’.

‘my virgin heart’.



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