The Rover

Critics quotes and Quotes from The Rover

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Critics of the Rover

The Rover Critics

'ladies act like whores and whores like ladies'. Anita Pacheco.

'Behn develops strategies of resistance in The Rover ... to counter puritanical. constructions of woman as object, commodity and 'other''. Heidi Hunter.

'Florinda's rebellion against the commodification of forced marriage destabalises. her position within patriarchy'. Anita Pacheco.

'one may say that carnival celebrates temporary liberation from the prevailing. truth of the established order'. Bahktin.

'the ruthless and suductive qualities of a Rochester'. Heidi Hunter.

Angellica. 'the attempt of a woman excluded from the marketplace to turn her. beauty into an alternative form of power'. Anita Pacheco

'Political loyalty to the restored Stuart monarchy was often expressed through. the analogy of social and sexual transgression'. Ros Ballaster

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The Rover quotes


‘I love mischief strangely’.

‘I hate Vincentio’.

‘exposing her to a worse confinement than a religious life?’.

‘lock her up all this Carnival’.

‘be as mad as the rest, and take all innocent freedoms’.

‘let’s ramble’.

‘I’ll hide these jewels in yonder jessamine’.

‘Masquerading! a lewd custom to debauch our youth’.

‘Lead on, no other dangers can they dread,.

Who venture in the storms o’th’ marriage bed’.


‘licensed lust’.


‘I have recourse only to letters, and distant looks from her window’.

‘Love and mirth are my business in Naples’.

‘thou dost deal with the devil’.

‘there’s no sinner like a young saint’.

‘whatever extravagances we commit in these faces, out own may not be obliged to answer ’em’.

‘what care I for names?’.

‘A plague of this poverty, of which I ne’er complain but when it hinders my approach to beauty’.

‘their wonder feeds my vanity’.


‘inconstancy’s the sin of all mankind’.

‘nothing but gold shall charm my heart’.

‘I would not sell myself’.

‘For had it been the purer flame of love, / I would have pined and languished at your feet’.

‘Shall my first vows be slighted?’.

‘wandering inconstant’.

‘All the honey of matrimony, but none of the sting’.

‘marry thee indeed, which I’m sure would be revenge sufficient’.

‘I’ll hide these jewels in yonder jessamine’.

‘I’ll not boast who ‘twas obliged me, not I: for hang me if I knew thy name’.

‘my virgin heart’.


‘there will be no sin in’t, because ‘twas neither designed nor premeditated’.

‘why, at this time of night, was your cobweb door set open, dear spider, but to catch flies?’.

‘charms in every word’.

‘will transgress nine commandments to keep one’.


‘Marriage is as certain a bane to love, as lending money is to friendship’.

‘A cradle full of noise and mischief, with a pack of repentance at my back?’.

‘I loved her before I either knew her birth or name’.


‘Belvile, this criminal for my sake, threw himself into all dangers to save my honour’.

‘be as mad as the rest, and take all innocent freedoms’.

‘let’s ramble’.

‘Thou know’st I’m no tame sigher but a rampant lion of the forest’.

‘horrible loving eyes’.

‘a woman with any wit may flatter ‘em into any sort of fool she pleases’.

‘I cannot get her out of my head’.

‘The sight on’t would beget a warm desire / In souls whom impotence and age had chilled’.

‘I saw your charming picture and was wounded’.


‘all I have to wound with is my eyes’.

‘‘tis with those arms I can be only vanquished, made a slave’.

‘thou hast a power too strong to be resisted’.

‘I can’t be angry with him, he dissembles so heartily’.

‘I do, never to think, to see, to love, nor lie – with any but thyself’.

‘Why, at this time of night, was your cobweb door set open, dear spider, but to catch flies?’.

‘A picaroon going to board my frigate?’.

‘How this unconstant humour makes me love him’.

‘charms in every word’.

‘cunning flatterer’.

‘Tis plain; some woman that has seen me en passant’.


‘will transgress nine commandments to keep one’.

‘in vain believed / My eyes could kindle any lasting fires’.

‘cheated of all but his shirt and drawers’.


‘be revenged on one whore for the sins of another’.

‘I will smile and deceive thee, flatter thee, and beat thee’.

‘let me disarm you of this unbecoming instrument of death’.

‘I think I should be kind, and give her to Belvile in revenge’.

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