The Problem of Evil and Suffering

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Suffering - when people have to face and live with unpleasant events or conditions.  Suffering can be either natural or man-made. Examples of natural suffering include disease and natural disasters.  Examples of man-made suffering include murder and ****.  Some people say that the problem of evil and suffering proves that God does not exist.

Christian beliefs about God:

  • He is omnipotent - therefore he has the power to stop suffering
  • He is omniscient - He knows when people are suffering
  • He is benevolent - If He loves his creations unconditionally, why does He allow them to suffer?

Beliefs about God give rise to many questions.  Why did God create a flawed universe that causes natural suffering?  Why does He allow innocent people to suffer? Why did He give people free will if it was going to lead to man-made suffering?


Christianity - endure personal suffering; it is part of God's plan.  Actively help those who are suffering, as Jesus did

Islam - 'Zakah' is one of the Five Pillars of


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