The Pardoner's Tale

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  • Pardoner's Tale
    • The old man
      • Speaks with misery and melancholy
        • "I ne kan nat finde A man, though that I has walked into Inde Neither in atee ne in ae village, That woulde chaunge his youthe for myn age."
          • This suggests that he is immortal and that in itself is gothic due to the mystery around him.
      • Represents death
      • Metaphoricl death taking all the lives of the young
    • The host
      • Is a comparison within the dark tale.
        • "I widde I hadde  thy coillons in myn hand, In stides of relikes and seintvarie, Lat  hatte hem of, I wol thee helpe hem carie, They thou be shrined in a hogges toord."
          • Although he is comical he still uses foul language.
    • the tale itself is deceptive as we never know if it is true or not
      • UntitleThe pardoners uses deception to part people from their money.
    • The man who "So drinketh of the white and rede"
      • Makes his throat "his privee"
        • Untitled
    • Gruesome language
      • "bely" "Fu'filled of donge and of corrupcion."
    • Sermon of avarice


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