The importance of biodiversity.

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Biodiversity is important for:

  • Economic reasons.
  • Ecological reasons.
  • Ethical reasons.
  • Aesthetic reasons.
  • Agriculture.


  • Food and drink - plants and animals are the source of almost all foods and some drinks.
  • Clothing - fibres and fabrics e.g. Cotton.
  • Drugs - e.g. Morphine from Poppies.
  • Fuels - e.g. biogas.


  • Disruption of food chains.
  • Disruption of nutrient cycles - e.g. worms improve soil if the worm population were to decrease it would become harder to grow things in soil.
  • Loss of habitats.
  • Habitat destruction - e.g. Carbon Dioxide is stored in trees, when they're cut down, it is released into the…


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