The Hydrosphere- The hydrological cycle

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The hydrosphere

The hydrological cycle

Key terms-

Transpiration-   This is where plants sweat

Precipitation- Anything that falls from the clouds

Surface water flow- The rain falls onto the surface of the soil if water logged

The amount of water available in the world is infinite. If a 4.5 liter jug represents all of the water in the world, just one table spoon of that represents the available freshwater.

Freshwater makes up just 2.5% of the water on the earth’s surface and only half of that is available for human consumption.

Water flows through a closed cycle which takes thousands of years to co mplete. Solar energy causes water to evaporte from the land and sea, which is then stored in rain clouds. It then falls as precipitation.

Most of the water is stored in ice or underground. This can be for thousands of years.

How does human activity interfere with the


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