The Effect of Temperature on Rate

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How can I dissolve this sugar more quickly? How can I get this cake to cook more quickly? How can I get this glue to set more quickly?

  The answer to all of these questions is likely to be raising the temperature. Temperature has a huge and important effect on reactions and the chemical industry relies heavily on this. Without tempertaure, the Haber process would not function to make ammonia, and we make use of it constantly in our everyday lives.

Extending the collision theory of reactions

  Think of the reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen to make ammonia in the Haber process:

  N2(g) + 3H2(g) --> 2NH3(g)

  The collision theory says that reaction can only occur when N2 and H2 molecules collide. The more frequently they collide, the faster the reaction. For example, N2 and H2 molecules are forced together when the


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