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Factors Affecting
Reaction Rates
Learning Target:
Identify factors that affect the rates of
chemical reactions.
Explain the role of a catalyst
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com…read more

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Main Idea
Factors affecting the rate of a reaction
Surface area
Nature of reactants
Catalysts…read more

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Collision Theory
The rate of reaction is effected by the number of
collisions of reactant molecules.
In order for collisions to be effective, the molecules
must collide with sufficient energy.
Molecules must also collide with proper orientation.
Activation energy ­ The minimum amount of energy
required to initiate a reaction.…read more

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Rate of reaction
The rate of reaction can be defined as the
change in the concentration of any one of the
reactants or products per unit time.
Rate = change in concentration of
time taken
Unit of reaction rate: mol s-1…read more

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Measuring rate of reaction
Decide on a property of reactant or product
which you can measure (eg: volume of gas
Measure the change in the property in a given
Find the rate in terms of
Change in property
Time taken…read more

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Nature of Reactants
Depends on the particular reactants and the
complexity of the bonds.
Slight rearrangements of atoms are usually
rapid at room temperature.
Some substances react more readily than
Gases react faster than solids or liquids
since the frequency at which particles collide
and the amount of energy they possess
increase with increasing motion.…read more

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