The Building Blocks of Life

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Light Microscope


Parts of a Light Microscope: 

The Cell Theory


The Cell Theory states:

1. All living things or organisms are made up of cells

2. New cells are created by old cells dividing in two

3. All cells are similar to each other, but not identical

Cells and Systems


 Organisms → Systems → Organs → Tissues → Cells → Organelles

You, as an organism are made up of trillions of cells


The 7 Characteristics of Living Things: Move Reproduction Sensitivity Grow Respiration Excretion Nutrition


*Fire is not living

*All living things, except viruses. This is called the Cell Theory.

*There are many different types and sizes of cells. This is because they have different roles/tasks/functions.

*Cells divide and replicate… this is called cellular reproduction

Microscopic Drawings


1. Everything in pencil

2. Border

3. Heading

4. Date

5. Magnification

6. Label at least three things

7. Use as much of the page (within the border) as possible


Cellular Respiration   * A chemical process that occurs in the mitochondria The chemical equation (in words) for Cellular Respiration: Glucose + Oxygen → Water + Carbon Dioxide + Energy


(→ means chemical reaction)


Why is there Cellular Respiration?: Cellular Respiration is the chemical process that creates energy for life.


Animal Cells


*All animal cells have the following organelles:-


Cell membrane a.       A thin, flexible outer layer b.      It controls what enters and leaves the cell 2.       Nucleus a.       Controller of the cell’s activities b.      Contains the DNA 3.       Cytoplasm a.       The jelly-like material that makes up most of the cell 4.       Vacuoles a.       Storage ‘containers’ within the cell b.      Contains water, salts 5.       Mitochondria a.       The energy ‘capsules’ b.      The place where cellular respiration takes place c.       The site of energy production









Plant Cells


*They have all the same organelles as animals, plus…




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