Using Limestone

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  • Using Limestone
    • Limestone as a building material
      • Easily cut into blocks to make useful building material
      • Widely available
      • Cheap
      • Hard-wearing
      • Damaged by acid rain
    • Cement and Concrete
      • Cement made by heating limestone with powered clay in a kiln
      • Mixed with sand, gravel and water to make concrete
      • Poured into mould and reinforced with steel rods to make building blocks
    • Drawbacks of Quarrying Limestone
      • Unsightly and spoils attractive parts of countryside
      • Produces a lot of noise and dirt
      • Can affects the quality of life for local people
      • Destroys original landscape and habitats of plants and animals
    • Benefits of Quarrying Limestone
      • Valuable material
      • Used to neutralise acidity in lakes and soil cause by acid rain
      • Provides jobs for local people


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