The Break with Rome 8


Why was the year 1532 a turning point in royal policy

  • Thomas Moore resigned the Chancellorship as a consequence of the Submission of the Clergy and slipped out of the political limelight for the time being
  • Ultimately he could not reconcile his loyalty to the Crown with his loyalty to the Church
  • The Church in England was no effectively under Henry's control and the way to the Supremacy was becoming clearer
  • First, Henry and Cromwell had to sever links with Rome in order that Catherine's appeal to the papacy could be nullified
  • Already, this process was under way as in March, parliament passed the 'Act in Conditional Restraint of Annates'
  • Annates were the payments made to Rome by bishops when they took up their post for the first time
  • The fact that the legislation was made conditional shows how much oposition and contoversy was caused by such a decree
  • It was not merely the economic aspet of papal power that was being challenged but also papal rights…


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