The 1988 Education Act

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  • The act established a NATIONAL CURRICULUM for all state schools in England and Wales and a system of testing and assessment.
  • Reduced the role of local education authorities by giving greater control to individual schools and governing bodies.
  • The updated parent's charter tells parents that 'your choice of school directly affects that school's budget; every extra pupil means extra money for the school.'
  • 'The right to choose will encourage schools to aim for the highest possible standards.'
  • Parental choice means that schools will compete in order to attract pupils (and money) and in the process, standards of education will rise.

The education reform act introduced two new schools to encourage diversity:

  • Grant maintained schools - financed directly by central government. They are self-governing with governors and headteachers taking decisions about staff employment, the curriculum etc.
  • City technology colleges


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