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Formal Education

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Formal Education

  • Secondary socialisation (learning of wider social values, roles, statuses, norms)
  • Social control
  • Historical development in England and Wales:
  • 1870 Elementary Education Act (Forster)
  • 1918 Education Act (Fisher)
  • 1944 Education Act (Butler): Tripartite system. Based on work of Burt.
    • Grammar (academic)
    • Secondary Modern (practical, general, non-academic)
    • Technical (practical, higher level) - not fully implemented
  • 1965 Circular 10/65 (Comprehensive schooling)
  • 1975 Williams (Labour): Widespread introduction of Comprehensive schooling
  • 1980 Education Act (Assisted Places scheme)

    1988 Education Reform Act (National Curriculum, Key Stage testing, Local Management of Schools, Grant-maintained status ("opting-out").

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