The Prague Spring


Czechoslovakia wanted more freedom from Moscow and so rebelled with "The Prague Spring".

  • Czechoslovakia under soviet control since 1948 
  • Heavily under control by Moscow 
  • So tensions were buliding 

Due to Warsaw Pact they couldnt trade with countries outside the eastern bloc this caused ecomnic decrease.


  • Leader of communist party in Czechoslovakia 
  • Wanted it to have its own version of communism

April 1968 - introduced reforms - against soviet style communism 

  • Travel to the west was available 
  • The border with west Germany was opened 
  • Industry became decentralised 
  • Trade unions and workers given more power
  • Freedom of speech and opposition arties allowed 

Aimed to improve Czechslovakias economy 

originally USSR tolerated it as Dubcek prom,ised to stay in Warsaw Pact adn remain


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