Prague spring.

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Why did the ‘Prague spring’ happen?

People didn’t have many freedoms
People could only vote communist
They were not allowed to criticise the government
Bad living standards
Poor quality housing and a lack of things like fridges and cookers

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What was the ‘Prague spring’?

Alexander Dubcek wanted reforms “socialism with a human face”
The reforms were:
Less press censorship
Allowing opposition groups
Allowing some criticism of government 
Economic reform “market socialism” allowing small businesses to be set up
The soviets were horrified
Young people and writers liked the reforms but older people didn’t
Dubcek wanted to remain an allies with the USSR “Warsaw pact” and didn’t want to damage relations

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How did the soviets respond?

Brezhnev (soviet union leader) tried to get him to stop but he wouldn’t
Brezhnev feared others would do the same and damage the soviets power
Brezhnev created the Brezhnev Doctrine which stated that they were allowed to invade any country (in the eastern bloc) that threatened the security of the USSR.
Invaded and stopped the ‘Prague spring’
Dubcek was forced to sign the ‘Moscow protocol’ this stopped the ‘Prague spring’ 

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