The Kornilov Coup

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What is the Kornilov Coup?

  • Time where the Provisional Government (PG) was under threat from its own army. 
  • General Kornilov attempted to gather troops and financial support so he could occupy Petrograd and restore order. 
  • Kornilov claimed he was acting on Kerensky's instructions. 

Who was involved?

  • Kornilov - commander-in-chief of the army. Loyal tsarist. 
  • Kerensky
  • Provisional Government
  • Petrograd Soviets

Where did it take place?

  • Kornilov assumed the Petrograd was under the control of the Bolsheviks. 
  • Most fighting happened in Petrograd. 

What happened during it?

  • 27th August - Kerensky sent a telegram to Kornilov for his dismissal and an order to return to Petrograd. 
  • Kornilov returned to…


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