The Earth's history


Earth’s history

At the start of the universe random elements were

floating around.

These elements started to be pulled together by gravity.

Gravity also makes them circle bigger planets/stars.

So the Earth starts circling the sun.

A planet called Thea gets to close to the Earth and hits it.

The Earth’s and Thea’s pieces start rotating. And the

Earth becomes a ball of boiling ball of gas.

Some of the pieces will end up circling the Earth like

Saturn’s rings but WAY HOTTER.

Gradually this pieces will start sticking together forming

the moon.

The universe cold will also gradually cool both the Earth

and moon which will solidify although they’re still very

hot. And the Earth itself is basically volcanoes, lava,

eruptions and magma.

The moon’s vital and human survival is heavily influenced

by this past collision.

The moon’s much closer than nowadays.

This collision also provided the Earth anatmosphere.

Millions of years later the Earth’s attacked thousands of

years by a hail of meteors.

Inside them there are square crystals with a small

amount of water.

Even though it’s a small amount, there


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