the charge of the light brigade quotes

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"cannon to right of them,cannon to left of them,cannon behind them"-repetition gives the poem a parallel to mirror the change now they are running away and that war is inevitable

"half a league,half a league,half a league"-

league is 3 miles,it shows how far they have on their journey and it can also show quality,that they are not up to the challenge ahead

The repetition of this phrase creates the regular rhythm. It sounds like galloping horses' hooves - it gives the impression that the horses are unstoppable.

"valley of death"-

literally suggests that they are trapped and symbolically contains biblical allusion to show the horror of what they now face,it has connotations of hell

could also link to the valley of elah where David fought Goliath which represents a place of loneliness even though the men are together they feel lonely because they are struggling to escape.The terebinth trees are associated with the word "solitary" and David also went out to meet…


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