Symbolism And Quote Breakdowns in Frankenstein


Key Quotes Of Victor - Frankenstein

"I kept my workshop of filthy creation" 

Victor treats the morality of playing God essentially, as a school project. The noun "workshop" emphasises this as it creates imagery of putting together parts of some deassembled structure; there's this sense of normalcy Victor is trying to portray in terms of using body parts of corpses to bring an an inanimate being to life. 

There is symbolism of Abortion implied, as the first person pronoun "my" is showing Victor's ownership over the life he's attempting to create, taking a parental stance of a father.He refers to the monster as 'filthy creation', the adjective 'filthy' is powerful, showing victor's disgust of the monster. Furthermore, he refers to the monster as 'creation' which is dehumanising because he's only emphasising this 'god-like' power


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