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Primary Succession: starts in newly formed habitats, where there has never been a community before.

Secondary Succession: this is when one community changes into another. This is when an existing community has been cleared, by something like a fire, and succession begins again.

The pioneer species: the first organism to begin to colonise the bear rock. Examples of a pioneer species include lichen and algae. These are the only species that can withstand the extreme temperature and lack of soil, water and nutrients.

The pioneer species begin to break down the rock, allowing some organic material to accumlate. The organic material and small pieces of rock build up, and soil starts to form.

This change, along with a few other changes, allows for other species to begin to grow. One of these species would be the wind-blown moss spores.

Succession continues... the mosses will build up more organic material in the soil, which allows the soil to…


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