Success and failure of dieting


Dieting invloves the restriction of food intake. Wing and hill defined success as 'successful long-term weight loss involving the intentional loss of at least 10% of initial body weight and keeping it off for at least a year'.

Explanations for success
success involves learning skills for weight maintenance. If weight loss is maintained for 2 years, the chances of long term success increase dramatically. 

  • Relapse prevention - involves achieving a stable energy balance around a lower weight. It involves identifying situations in which 'lapses' occur and how to 'refocus' if they do.
  • Motivation - financial incentives act as positive reinforcement, and social networks are beneificial in elicting support from others. Role models create a positive social identity, cruicial for success.
  • Goal setting - success requires acheivable targets, with goal setting consisting of short-term goals leading to the long…


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