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    • Blanche
      • Blanche's character is very much becoming a faded Southern Bell. She no longer possesses her innocence and purity that she likes to put across.
      • There is an example of mental instability with Blanche when she reconciles with the past. Blanche also has a drinking problem that she tries to dismiss.
      • Blanche has found comfort in the arms of strangers. In other words she has had sexual partners.
      • Blanche without shame flirts with Stanley. Her relationship with her sister is also a conflict. Blanche on their first greetings, insults Stella's figure.
      • Blanche mocks Mitch numerous times. She might not love Mitch but she desires him for her redemption with her own past. He is her way out.
    • Stanley
      • Male Alpha, William's portrays him across with very animalistic traits.
      • Stanley has a weak like just anyone else. His is evident on the thought of the loss of Stella. Being alone and unloved.
      • Recognises himself as American despite Blanche's insults of his Polish ethnicity. He recognises hard-work and is affiliated with a working-class background.
      • Does not trust Blanche, at times he is selfish--the example being when he diverges Mitch away from Blanche---it could also possibly be out of friendship.
      • Rapes Blanche and has no remorse. Proven that he gets what he wants. Male Dominated society.
      • Stanley can at times be sincere. This being when he discusses with Blanche on the account of a woman's looks.
    • Mitch
      • Very caring and chivalrous gentleman.
      • Taken for granted by Blanche.
      • Fails against Stanley, the example being the ****. And attempts at the poker night to insult Stanley's position (Kind of on your high horse.)
      • Wants companionship just like Blanche.
      • His treatment of women is not degrading. It is therefore a shame when he attempts to **** Blanche, showing the negative influence Stanley has upon him, but also his treatment of women in general.
    • Stella
      • Her relationship can be abusive. She is blinded by love that she doesn't see it as wrong.
      • Has adapted to the changing world unlike Blanche who is kept back in the past. (Blanche is disgusted by their apartment.)
      • Her relationship mirrors Eunice and Steve's.
      • She represents those women who rely on stability from their husbands. Unlike Blanche who actually had a job.
      • In the letters, she has deliberately glossed up her life to Blanche.
    • Other minor characters
      • Eunice- She does but doesn't at the same time have a feminist approach. She takes none of Steve's mishaps. (Could be just how long they've been together)
      • Newspaper Boy- Blanche's temptation.
      • Stanley's men- they simply represents the typical American Man.
      • Mexican Woman- stigma Blanche's mental breakdown
      • ***** Woman- represents how diverse New Orleans is becoming down South.
      • DuBois Family- That idyll of Upper class folks proves wrong with their passing due to 'epic fornications' in other words, sex (affairs).


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