Still life at the penguin Cafe - Great Auk Penguin

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Before the Great Auk Dance - 

Jeremy Irons reads a passage from David Day's Doomsday book of Animals explaining the loss of the Great Auk penguin  (original penguin species)  from it's habitat due to direct human activity. There is a whirling wind sound which sounds like the cold polar regions and it suggests that the antartic is lonely or empty place now that a key species are gone.


A motif throughout the coreography relays the theme, it is when the penguin point it's finger upwards as if tgo say "think" , "pay attention" or even "beware" , this shows the theme because it show how humans affect the environment so easily and damge can be done if you don't think about or pay attention to what you are doing.

Small hops, steps and turns are shown through the dance to show character of the penguin and also arm movements are limmited to show the penguins wings and inability to fly. This means that the main intrest throughout is footwork, for example the penguins feet at some points are slightly stiff to mimic flippers. 

Costume - 

The outfit helps set the historical period and formality of the cafe (the cafe has a jazzy 1930's


Callie Anna


This is amazing, thank you:) 

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