Stalin Foreign Policy Aims

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  • keep Russia safe due through foreign stability due to domestic instability
  • Socialism in One Country 
  • 2 key figures- Chief Foreign MInister Chicherin & deputy Litvinov- both had bourgeoise backgrounds & diplomats (won't scare capitalist countries) 

Early Foreign Policy

  • Centered around China, Germany, and Comintern
  • CHINA- unstable, last emperor overthrown in 1911, no one in control, other powers beginning to get involved
  • 1926- Chinese Civil War- GMD (Jiang Jieshi) vs CCP (Mao) 
  • Stalin backs the GMD (nationalists)- believes they will make a secure China & therefore border
  • Stability in the East due to fear of the West- wants to avoid a war on two fronts 
  • Doesn't want Chinese Communism- wants Stalinism
  • Supports the GMD despite their suppression of workers- March 1926 Massacre of workers, establish a military dictatorship, April 1927 Communist Workers Rising put down, Wuhan Massacre of workers 1927
  • Supports through…


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