Stages of Systems Life Cycle

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  • initial look at the existing system to see how it can be improved
  • produces a feasibility report
  • brief investigation - analyst collects information
  • need to identify why current system is not meeting the needs of the organisation, why the system is needed and the purpose of the new system

Reasons for needing a new system:

  • organisation wants to computerise a part of the operation that is currently done manually
  • the existing system is outdated and no longer suits the needs of the organisation


  • the full nature of the problem is investigated in this stage
  • the results of the investigation stage a have to be fully analysed to gain a full understanding of the current system - towards the end of this stage, the user requirements are agreed with client
  • it's important that the user requirements are referred to throughout the whole cycle - if not then the system may not fully meet the needs of the end user
  • must be completed before the design stage


  • follows requirements specification defined in the investigation/anaylsis stage
  • methods of data capture considered to ensure the format of he data capture and method of data capture to be used ared compatiable with the…


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