Spoken Language :) (features of speech)

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Spoken Language features of speech in transcripts:

Speech is one of the main ways of communicating from one person to another.

It can be spontaneous (off the top of your head, having to think about what to say).

Or polished (where the reader knows exactly what they are saying).

Other features of speech include:

  • Informal (slang, chatting to friends) and formal (standard english, polite)
  • Pauses + Micropauses (full stops)
  • Fillers (such as errmmm + ummm when you don't know what to say or lose your train of thought)
  • Repetition of a word
  • Emphasis on words (showing volume, or trying to get a point across)
  • Turn-taking (between two people whether debating




Thsi helped me quite a lot, Thank you !

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