Sociology perspectives on the functions of the family

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Marxist perspectives :(

Inheritence of property- Inheritence tax- 1/3 of that inhertience goes to the Government. This doesn't effect the rich

Ideology- the marxists see it as a set a beliefe of ideas to justify class differency and help maintain capatalsim. Eli Zaretsky (1976) believes that the family creates an ideology of 'haven'. But actually its being exploited by capatalism

A unit of consumption- The family is the main target for capatalism by selling products e.g. Keep up with the jones's, advertising  'Pester power' media  'Must have' children's toys.

Criticisms- Marxists assume that the nuclear family dominates in the capatalist system. It ignores the other family structures in today's society.

Feminists Perspectives >:(

Liberal feminism- Agree with the 'march of progress' but believe that the government could do alot more


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